From Mexico to Santa Ana

Oscar Reyes was born in Michoacan, Mexico to Carmen and Jorge Reyes before coming to Santa Ana at 1 month old with nothing to their names. He was raised in a family of three and started playing soccer in the local community at the age of 4. His father "Jorge" is an operating engineer and his mom "Carmen" is a house wife who cared for her children. 

A scholar-athlete in Santa Ana Unified School District and UCLA

Oscar's parents always emphasized higher education as a vehicle towards educational attainment and social mobility. He was enrolled at George Washington Elementary, then MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School, then Saddleback High School before eventually taking his soccer talents to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Sociology.

Professional Soccer Player

After graduating from UCLA in 2011, Oscar went overseas to The Netherlands and Hungary to play soccer professionally until 2014. Oscar played for JOS Watergraafsmeer while in The Netherlands and for Kaposvari Rakoczi FC while in Hungary. Eventually, Oscar would be scouted to play professional beach soccer with the U.S. National Team where he played his first World Cup in 2019.

CEO & Founder at Kings Pro, INC.

In January 2015, Oscar would start his company Kings Pro which gives soccer players of all levels the ability to customize their shin guards and wear their motivation during their games. Kings Pro is the only company in the U.S. that provides soccer players custom shin guards and players all over the world wear his shin guards. The idea comes from Oscar's habit of writing on his own soccer shoes and shin guards as a kid and throughout his entire soccer career.


Having graduated from Saddleback High School and UCLA, Oscar always realized the value and importance of a quality education and that is what brought him back to his city. Serving as a Substitute Teacher at Carr Intermediate and coaching youth soccer players for more than 10+ years, working with youth is his passion and his mission is to better serve his community to help bridge the educational and social gap that we see in this great country.